Thursday, October 28, 2010

From the mines, part 1

Dutch miners

Neckerchiefs were common, the black and white ones are mourning wear.

Workers indigo sateen  jacket


  1. how hard is it to find neckchiefs like those? are they rare? gemma x

  2. Good stuff! Like the logo at the top too!

  3. Hey Gem, vintage snotrags, pretty rare, everything we had in Holland was eaten or burned during the war. They still make 'em, mostly red, with blue and white flower/paisley-ish prints.
    I'll be posting more homemade pics soon. xP.

  4. Hey M.

    Thanks,the lay-out is a bitch. Work in progress.

    Lady Mose, Angelique Houtkamp, made the header. Based on the old 'see-thru' postcards. It's the Van Heek corduroy mills, in Enschede, in the background.