Thursday, December 9, 2010

And more Dutch denim, Delftwear

Some more wonderful stuff from the collection of The Museum Rotterdam:

Dutch painters outfit "King Hong Ziang-Bleu de chauffe, Shanghai"
Farmers trousers, weird museum mannequin....

Farmers jacket
"De werkman" denim apron
"Diener" Stoker cap
"Schoevaart" Duster coat

Wool uniform coat

"VERO, Van der Veen, Rotterdam" engineer cap

"VERO" cap
"VERO" butchers cap


  1. No, I wish... I have mostly French stuff;-)
    Like the first ever post I made, this is from various Dutch museums.
    I might find some, someday.

  2. thx for sharing .the shanghai jacket known as "bleu de chine" was Corsica's sailors and fishermen favorite is part of their traditional outfit.

  3. I like the European themes rarely explored in the bloggosphere

  4. Great Caps Mose
    Which Museums if I may ask?

  5. @ Patrick: I reckon we owe a lot to the seamen, they had access to all the good stuff from all over. In my family people still remember they first brought oranges, jeans,Rock'n'roll records.
    I got a really nice, new, chambray mandarin jacket in Hong Kong a few years ago.

    @David: It's funny as I'm still using the "U.S."-standard; does it look like someting in the Sears and Roebuck catalog? No wooden shoes, yet.

    @Kaar: Historisch, R'dam.

  6. Those farmer jackets are brilliant.

  7. @ Jazzdigger: Yes! and impossible to find!!!;}(