Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hello again.

It's been a while since I posted.

Lady Mose' Art & Tattoo Parlour is open for business, selling art,prints, tattoos, beautiful tattoo history books, and ,since last week, some really cool Lucky Charms by Masa Sculp from Japan. Drop in when you're in town, check it out on FB -Angelique Houtkamp Art- or at

I've enjoyed the first days of spring repairing and riding my Pathracer, drinking Pimms No.1 an' been adding some great stuff to my record collection and playing 78's in public lately.
Good times.

Very happy with my Lofgren's indigo dot shirt and houndstooth cap (pic'd below).
Hope things are getting better over there.

Hunting for vintage's been kinda slow, still here's some new old junk I'd like to show:

Cricket boots, long on my wishlist, and cream tennis flannels.

LVC striped blazer jacket, had it for a while but it was useless without the boots.

Erla cream tennis flannels, I guess German(?)

"Racket" JUMO Interlock shirt.

Tootal 'Green Quality'  plaids, I got bored with plain chambray shirts.

Some cycling wear, corduroy plusfours, pullover shirt, Scott Nichol shooting socks

Blue & ivory cotton Lofgren cap, action back tweed jacket.

Same jacket, nice bellied lapels, slanted breast pocket. Blue pullover shirt.

Dutch blues, wooden buttons, check the r-pocket and back of the sleeves: instead of repairing, the whole part would be replaced.

Another one, replaced sleeves.

Late 1800's frock suit.

DB brocade waistcoat.

Dropfront 'klepzeiker'  trousers.


  1. cricket boots been looking forever for a pair in my size .good stuff

  2. great Peter !!!!!!
    I love everything on those 2 new posts !!!!!!
    Soon in DAM I hope…! Brussels show-manager called me for the gadjo and I do my best to organise a "Primitive gadjo zaz trio north TOUR !"
    bye l'ami…


  3. "Kinda slow" noemt ie dat....
    Mooie kit and sounds!!

  4. Hey man, are you interested in selling any of these styling threads? I've been after a Racket JUMO henley neck for ages and that's basically the right size too. No problems if you're not interest to sell, thought I might as well ask. If you are looking to sell shoot me a reply, or not. Peace.

  5. Sorry boos, not selling. Find'm in Brussels or check Le Magasin, Europeana specialists:
    Happy hunting!

    1. Hi Mose, Haven't had any luck finding that undershirt as yet. I'm really chasing that specific brand henley for an outfit I'm putting together for a display, so is there any chance you might reconsider? I'm willing to do double what you paid for it, if that's enough to twist yer arm.