Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Boneshaker

Summer weather's been dreadful, so I spent a lot of time working on my new toy:

It's a retro/repro-ed/replica'd  Dursley Pedersen Gentlemen's ' Model Royal'

Mr. Pedersen made his machines from the late 1800's to the early1920's. The Bentley of bicycles, he had high hopes of making it the Imperial British Army's bicycle but BSA was the weapon of choice for the gaspipe cavalry. He died penniless. To make matters worse - for the last thirty years they been a favorite of the socks' n' sandal wearing hippies of Northern Europe. Poor Mr. Pedersen...I'll do what I can!

1940's S.A. three speed/drum brake hub. It will do for now. The original Pedersen hub was pearshaped, a wheelbuilders nightmare!

Swiss Army breadbag, Salt and pepper cover.

Duck bag and leather straps.

Matching Swiss backpacks, for serious travelling.

Ancient musettes, very happy to finally find one, in Australia, then -one week later-out of the blue, Mr. Vilbo"Trouvetout" Jr., from  French Cancan sent me another... Cocoricoo!

Inspiration. This is Men's File, 1914. The Outdoors Life: Cars, Motorcycles, Aeroplanes, Bikes. Advertising kit,watches, drinks. The good life. A Road Racing special.

Very excited about this one: Ordered a belt from Warpath. It's a beauty! I wanted a namebelt, pre-war style, the rosettes reminded me of the " Rollfast" Bicycle headbadge, a stylized ballbearing. Early carbide lamps had  green/port and red/starboard jewels on the sides, until it was outlawed, as it was confusing the sailors... strange but true story.

What better name for a bicycle...or a mortician? 

Beautiful English Tan leather, excellent craftsmanship! Handmade in the USA, it's a great piece of work. Thanks Matt! Check him out:


  1. Beautifull post !
    Matt made an another "Chef d'oeuvre"

    Ready for the "Tour de France" ? ;)

    (Big Mama Introspection)

  2. Amazing bicycle Mose! You have put a lot of thought and detail into it and it's use. Thanks again for ordering the belt and the plug on your blog!!!

  3. grand-daddy of the banana seat bike ! must ride like a mustang ! just flip the handlebars !

  4. nice drum brakes too...

  5. GREAT FUCKING pure bike… great salt and pepper and canvas bags and great french musette too… :-)
    VAS Y POUPOU !!!!!

  6. The jeans is a original Lee Cowboy or a japan reproduction?

  7. Beautifull and great work!!, Wear n Tear in Speedboys links

  8. great, great, great bicycle!!
    wearntear on