Thursday, January 20, 2011

Messieurs, ...c' est l'heure!

I'm pretty excited about Mr. Loiron putting French wear back on the map.
Hopefully it'll be a reason for Ralph Lauren (and others) to make some more decent stuff like he used to. Check these out, from a few years ago:

Indigo dyed 'gros' corduroy trousers, leather pocket reinforcements,  hook and eye closure.
Made in China these are the vrai Bleu de Chine.

Salt and pepper lining, comme il faut.

Batiste pullover "blue collar" shirt, in a beautiful slubby, not calendered, cambric

Rugby wool plaid pantaloons.

Maybe somebody should be making these again. Early 1900's.
Very comfy and they have a selvedge, what more could you ask for?


  1. never seen the corduroy from rrl when was that 95 /96!?

  2. That is some beautiful stuff Mose! There is a company that sells a variety of these undershirts:

    The High Cross stuff is pretty good in my experience.

  3. yes… nice underwears… very unusual buttoned side style… I like them … About Ralph Lauren, style and design uses to be nice but fabrics…I prefer not to speak about…to pay this price for this quality drives me sometime not really fairplay !!!! Old rugby or RRl 90/97 models were manufactured with good fabrics but chinese indutries really changed that !!!!!

  4. You're right about the fabrics, the Rugby plaid wools are almost like fishnet stockings. Same thing goes for LVC. Their corduroys are a joke.

  5. a bad joke man !!!
    I hunt for you soon (salt and peper "blouse")

  6. Sorry, I don't understand the comments about Ralph Lauren corduroys. I have a good collection of corduroys from Ralph Lauren and they are the best corduroy pants, jeans and jacket I ever had.

  7. That's a great henley-style shirt in the last photo.