Monday, January 31, 2011

There will be blood.

It's the dry season for vintage hunters, here in Holland...slim pickins.
The fleamarket stalls are empty, it's too cold.
It's the same old, same old in the antique shops.
New Year's postal rates have gone through the roof, all your online spending dough goes to the shipping fares.
Hard times for hunters, indeed.
And, after all the found stuff is repaired, oiled, polished, washed, cleaned, it's stored away, the rush fades away quickly.
You HAVE to go hunting again! Times like these make me feel like a tiger in a cage...

The storage room.
The best I could find this last month. A few old bandannas. LVC makes one like the bottom right.
Yours for €48.=, it's made on the moon, I reckon. Such a lot of money for a snotrag.

A 1890 Lee Brothers notebook.

An Ebay bargain; H.D. Lee notepad. Any clue what IS the Lee Special, anybody?

THAT'S ALL!!! ( Except for the excellent piece Mr. Vilbo @ FCC found me)
It's high time for another field trip. Leave this godforsaken town for a treasure hunt.
The Call of the Wild! Get "the Color" out off the ground!
Meanwhile, I'm getting my inspiration from the Great Hunters from the Silver Screen:

Hunter Plainview

Hunter Powell

Hunter Hearst

And from studying old catalogs, scans, reference books etc.:

You can see some more scans from the Beacon/Barbour catalog here, courtesy of me, via the folks at the excellent Archival Clothing blog.:

The game is afoot. I'll let you know.


  1. You know the feeling, I guess.

  2. same here my friend ...january is definitely a "dry" season patient

  3. He mose I Like your stuff.Im in amsterdam to mabey we can get in touch on time.
    grt Erno