Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jack Black, reconstructed Yegg

My favorite book. You can't win, by Jack Black.

Born ca. 1870 New Westminster, B.C. Canada- Missing/Died >1932 New York City, U.S.A. Jack's body was never found.

" My name is William Brown, from Pocatello, Idaho"

"Jack had been a sort of a reign of terror...just before the earthquake and fire of 1906. Every crime committed in San Francisco during the first three months of that year was ascribed to Jack Black." (R.L. Duffus)

"He returned to New York and Fremont thought Jack did what he always said any down-and-outer should do, “fill his pockets with rocks and take a header into the bay.” (Mrs. Cora Fremont Older)

"To cut a long story short," said Jack, "I left it all."

"Enough of this "I" and "me" stuff. I must get to the point. You have a big, true story with one hundred thousand readers. Tell them all how to help the under dog. They are willing, but they don't know how. "

"He is in a class by himself. That is why he is so interesting." (Fremont Older)

"I look so much like a judge." Portrait by E. Weston, tramp art cigarbox frame.

San Francisco Bulletin, Jan. 1917

S. F. Bulletin, Feb./Mar. 1917, these serials are the blueprint for "You can't win"

Prison record, Postcards from the Bulletin building and S.F. Cliff House "where first I saw the sea..."

Harpers Monthly Magazine, June 1929

Harper's Monthly Magazine, Feb. 1930

Letters to Fremont Older

French edition, Librairie Gallimard, 1932

Friday, November 26, 2010

Za La Mort

Za La Mort, lord of the underworld, was an Italian movie character played by Emilio Ghione.
L'ultimo Apache?
I don't know, most info's in Italiano and most films are lost, but the peaked hat and shirtpocket make him a contender.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Amsterdam Apache apparel

Early 1900 pantaloons, "Mode de Paris" , c.d.p." Boxer Patent" from Clignancourt fleamarket, jetons de bal-bon pour une danse, Boyards Caporals, Douk Douk, flat cap. Add shirt and neckkerchief.
Now I really need to learn the Apache-dance!

Chauffe Vilbo! Musique of the Apaches.

Some incredible sweet and hot music was heard at the bals. Accordeons, banjos, clarinets and always the drive of the big bassdrum. The titles and labels should give you a clue. Mister Vaissade once hired a young banjoïste called Jiango...
Gypsies, pimps, ex-boxers. Mr. Gardoni sported a full set of golden teeth. Gangsters' style avant la lettre!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pere Jules' stuff

From 'L'Atalante' (1934) by Jean Vigo, featuring Dita Parlo and Michel Simon.
One of my all-time favourite movies.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dear Santa, L.L. Bean, if you read this...

Mr. Segui inspired me to post these.
From the 1936 L.L. Bean catalog. I'm really coveting the Sport Vest, Outing Jacket and a pair of Guide Shoes. I once had my hands on a well worn Sport Vest, in my "Nah, deadstock only, they used to wear new stuff in the thirties..." period. Such an idiot!

 Meanwhile, here's some continental varieties:

Nice detail on the bag, selvedge:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sleeved weskit No.II

 British Rail wool/cotton vest, French " Le National"corduroy trousers, German shirt, Swedish "Algots" workwear notebook, American "Willson" octagonal glasses, Lofgren from Japan cord cap, Australian caboose "crablock", Dutch kerchief, Italian tieclip, Austrian "Imco" lighter

 This is a five button version, I used to have another with six.
Vest stamp.

Sleeved weskit

 Dutch corduroy/moleskine sleeved vest, L.L. Bean plaid pants, Dutch army boots.
 Such a nice contrast.
 Rusty side-buckles, hallmark of quality.

 Dutch "Mail & Rail" watch.