Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back in the saddle, part 1.

I've been a serious bikenut for a few years now.
It's the first sunny day of the year and my daily ride, a fixed 1920's Demi-racer's rear wheel is finally falling apart.The ducttape held up for almost three weeks.
I thought it was high time to put some cycling stuff together. My late 30's Porteur bike needs just a little more work before it's good to go and then I can fix the racer again, right in time for the spring.
I'll post pics.

Meanwhile,here's a bit of kit:

Cycling shoes, expandable canvas pannier bag, goggles, sportsbelt, drivers watch, hipflask, french army musette bag.

Catalog scans and stuff. Bits and pieces. Like clothing, this is a passion. Try finding vintage tires and tubes sometime. Try finding vintage bottlecages sometime.

Club badges. Trouser clips. Very heavy pre-war dynamo, repair kit, papillons.

Vintage valve caps!
Dropfront cycling plusfours, with reinforced seat, sportsbelt, rainmac, wool cap with enamel club badge.

Button-neck sweater.

Club badges.Wingnut.

The end.