Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dear Santa, L.L. Bean, if you read this...

Mr. Segui inspired me to post these.
From the 1936 L.L. Bean catalog. I'm really coveting the Sport Vest, Outing Jacket and a pair of Guide Shoes. I once had my hands on a well worn Sport Vest, in my "Nah, deadstock only, they used to wear new stuff in the thirties..." period. Such an idiot!

 Meanwhile, here's some continental varieties:

Nice detail on the bag, selvedge:


  1. this bag is far more interesting than the BEAN one .....

  2. Vide greniers, guy was selling antique tools, bag laid in his car. He thought I was from outer space,I paid 30 cents. We were both smiling.
    Exact same dimensions as the medium-size Bean bag.